Creating Sustainable Talent Solutions

About Front Talent

Started in 2016 from Dubai to the world, Front Talent is fast-emerging Talent Management Consultancy with a prime focus on supporting organisations in Creating Sustainable Talent Solutions.

Organisations partner with us to Define, Measure, Develop and Engage their talent through outcome-focused and value-adding HR interventions.

We are passionate about transforming the latest organisational science and research into practical, evidence-based and effective talent solutions.

The partnerships we foster with our clients are intended to be long-term, prosperous and sustainable with a single aim of aligning our skills and expertise to assist organisations in achieving their objectives.

Our Values


We are genuine, transparent and work on building long-lasting relationships with our clients underpinned by a true understanding of their needs and objectives.


We partner to create bespoke solutions that will have the largest business impact and stay away from prescriptive or ‘on size fits all’ solutions.


We are continuously evolving our scientific knowledge and HR expertise to provide cutting-edge services to our clients.


Relentless pursuit of end value for our clients; to achieve objectives, to optimize performance and to maximise ROI.

Client Focus

We develop authentic, transparent and long lasting relationships with our clients by investing the time to understand their objectives and values.

Science Based

We utilise the latest organisational science and research to help our clients implement evidence based and practical talent solutions

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