At Front Talent we produce modern, insightful and data-driven employee management and assessment tools by utilising state-of-the-art research and investigative information.
Our highly accurate psychological data and behavioural data as well as frameworks are designed with the sole focus of training employees to reach their full potential in their role. We collaborate with clients around the world to assist them in educating their workforces on how to work more productively and stay engaged in their workplace.
Take a look below at our essential psychometric, behavioural and engagement-promoting services.

Personality and Ability Psychometrics

Your employees’ individual thought processes and level of empowerment directly influence their ability to perform productively in their role.

Now, that isn’t to say that there is a right or wrong personality for a role, it simply means that these personalities can be more accurately selected or developed for each role. An employee’s personality will affect how they see their role and also how they perform within it – so use this candidate’s personality to your advantage.

Our psychometric data and proprietary tools allow us to accurately measure and predict how employees will perform in their roles even before they are hired. These tools will enable your organisation to streamline the hiring process and move talent around your workplace to better- suited roles. This way every employee is empowered, productive and already loves what they are
expected to do.

Behavioural Assessment Exercises

In any organisation, it is essential to understand what each employee is capable of and whether they are meeting their full potential. We utilise a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke behavioural assessment exercises to determine exactly what strengths an employee has and whether further development is needed.

Our exercises cover all work situations and employ countless different simulations to accurately determine which exact competency an employee boasts. On top of simulations, we also integrate different industry-specific situations, career levels as well as unique role functions to provide deep and accurate insight into the competencies and room for development an employee might have.

If your organisation requires a tailored competency exercise designed, Front Talent is more than equipped to deal with this. Our expert teams can determine which tasks and simulations will work best in accordance with your organisation’s objective and run the assessment based upon that.
All behavioural assessment exercises include every material or tool you might need to get the most accurate look into your employees’ competencies. Reporting tools and other administrative materials are also included so that detailed recording is entirely effortless.

Engagement Framework

In today’s fast-paced business world, every organisation must get the most out of every employee. That means continuous efficiency, enthusiasm and productivity at every level of your business. One of the best ways to ensure this efficiency is met is through the development of relationships in the workplace as well as team collaboration. If every employee feels valued and is working towards the same end goal, then you have a recipe for success.

At Front Talent, we devise programs to ensure all of your team members feel emotionally engaged and empowered to work for you. This means they won’t just do what’s required, but go above and beyond to reach your business objectives.

To develop these programs we analyse your workplace, its employees as well as your industry. This allows us to formulate training programs as well as at-work exercises that are perfectly tailored to your organisation. These programs are designed to promote teamwork, enthusiasm as well as give employees a clearer understanding of what they mean to your business.

Results from these exercises are then measured to determine exactly what needs to be refined and to allow your organisation to see the direct impact of Front Talent’s industry-leading workplace engagement exercises. Our team will also educate your own human resources department on exactly how to conduct these exercises on your own so you are able to sustain these
empowerment and engagement programs.