Define, Measure, Develop, Engage

Front Talent’s solutions are powerful, agile and reliable. An array of specialised talent development and management frameworks enable us to effortlessly formulate and implement initiatives in your workplace.
These initiatives, paired with the overall objective of giving your organisation the forward-thinking and motivated talent you need most, provide you with the empowered, productive talent you need to succeed.


Design and apply the framework for behaviours across different levels at your organisation according to your mission, vision and strategy.

At Front Talent, we utilise competency frameworks as the foundation for our talent selection, development, performance management, succession and career progression exercises. These competency frameworks enable us to profoundly assist organisations in identifying core and functional behaviours, which are essential to remain successful in business. The frameworks remain entirely objective during the selection and development of candidates and allow fundamental performance management to take place.

We understand that each organisation is unique. This uniqueness drives Front Talent to work closely with our clients to understand the exact nature and fundamentals of the organisation. We also focus deeply on learning an organisation’s specific strategies and objectives. This way, we can ensure our competency frameworks are seamlessly aligned with your strategy, objectives and business goals.

In the final stage of definition, we then equip your human resource teams and line managers with the skills and knowledge of how to deploy the newly developed framework in performance management, recruitment, career progression and succession within your organisation.


Identify and assess areas for strength and development for your potential hires or existing workforce, to determine job and career progression suitability.

To determine the most suitable candidate, our Assessment Centres provide an in-depth analysis and identify key strengths and development potential within every candidate before they join your team.

Our Assessment Centre’s process involves a myriad of competency measuring frameworks and simulation exercises. These exercises include tasks like role-play, group activities, interviews and more, all of which are closely monitored by a team of assessors to ensure objectivity. Development centres like ours enable organisations to spot performance gaps in their workforce and are typically utilised to assist with succession planning, promotions or individual development plans. At Front Talent, our assessment and development centres are designed with a fundamental focus on identifying the components necessary for candidate success on the job. Our measurement process involves placing candidates into tailored exercises that are designed to be relevant to their new potential role. We then measure their performance in this exercise. This measurement is profoundly accurate thanks to our alignment of the job requirements which include the ideal skillset, competencies and other success factors. The organisations own strategy and business objectives are also taken into account during the development of our assessment exercises.

To ensure that the process is fair and objective, we provideindividual feedback and coaching to both successful and unsuccessful candidates to familiarise them with their areas of strength that they could capitalise on as well as areas for development that they could focus on building.

Our aim is to design and implementan assessment and development centrethat accurately predicts on-the-job success and thus saves your organisation from wasting time, effort and money on unsuitable candidates. We also train your human resources team and line managers on how to conduct assessments in an objective manner on their own.

The addition of customised development programs is also integrated to address performance gaps that are relevant to the roles within the organisation and suited to your candidates’ learning styles and development needs.


Tailored training programs are intelligently developed to educate your employees in their own unique and individual ways. These programs will adhere to all existing business strategies, objectives and competency frameworks.

Typical off-the-shelf training programs are simply developed in a way that works by assessing performance gaps and making minor recommendations to improve employee performance. These programs are usually conducted online, face to face or through other means.

These approaches, unfortunately, act as temporary remedies to your short-term performance gaps. They are unlikely to be sustainable in the long run as they cover a wide range of skills and competencies and are mostly designed as a ‘one size fits all’ for everyone in the workforce. No prioritisation for individual needs or learning styles is taken into account.

At Front Talent, we design engaging training programs entirely based on the behavioural competencies relevant to your organisation and aligned with your organisation’s strategy and objectives. Our competency-based training takes into consideration that employees come from different backgrounds and have different experiences and ways of learning and developing. This is why we diversify our training approach to suit everyone’s learning styles. Once training is complete, we follow up at a later stage to confirm the effectiveness of the competency-based training and measure your return on investment.


Analyse, measure and address engagement within your organisation to drive a culture of collaboration and enthusiasm.
Organisations are continually developing new ways to encourage their employees to work as a team to achieve their goals. A lot of the time this process is hindered as group projects rarely come about. This leads to many teams never having the chance to work alongside one another and severely reduces collaborative experience.

At Front Talent, we believe the best and most efficient results come from collaboration as a team -especially when a task is difficult. In order to build these engaging group activities, we implement stimulating and challenging objectives which promote team building and encourage a collaborative mindset. These activities are designed from the ground up to be almost impossible for just one person to complete, so working together is essential.

Our games have less emphasis on physical dexterity and more on intellectual competence and stimulation. That means that our corporate games are designed to align perfectly with your organisational values and objectives. Our aim is to form teams across different functions and possibly even geographical locations. This ensures that your workforce gets to know one another better and promotes engagement with others – beyond their immediate circle of interaction. We also promote the need to collaborate to succeed, where most of the challenges are dependant upon cross-functional and cross-team collaboration.

Front Talent’s corporate games are all about promoting team building experience and encouraging the participation in thrilling, mind-stimulating activities, specifically designed around your business goals.